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TOPIC: Setting the reading direction?

Setting the reading direction? 6 years 2 weeks ago #1801

Glassed Silver


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Hey there,

first off, I'm currently testing the iOS and Mac app after having waited for a proper synching pair of Mac and iOS applications for comic reading.
I was surprised to see that there hasn't been something for so long after the iPad's launch in 2010.
Anyhow, now we have YAC and so far I'm liking it, with some suggestions, but I haven't given it an in-depth spin yet, so there might come a lot more suggestions from this guy. :)

Here's one that bugs me today:
I'd like to set the reading direction. I have a lot of manga and they turn from right to left, so if the animation could be reversed for these comics, that'd be awesome!
Also, this should be reflected by the slider, the page turn buttons and anything that I might have missed.

Cheers :)

PS: This would of course make sense to implement in the Mac application as well.

PPS: A question that probably doesn't warrant its own topic: how does YAC store the meta data (tags, title name, issue number, publisher, etc...)? It probably doesn't save them to the file itself, no?
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Setting the reading direction? 6 years 2 weeks ago #1805

Luis Ángel



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Welcome to the forum.

The manga mode is something I would like to add, but I didn't have time for doing it yet. It is a must feature for manga readers like you.

In the Mac app you can use the 'reverse order in double page' for mangas.

All the metadata is stored in the hidden folder .yacreaderlibrary. It will create one of these folder for each library. You can find it in your library folder. f.e. /Users/GlassedSilver/MyComics/.yacreaderlibrary

Let me know any other suggestions ;)
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