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YACReader 7.2.0 + YACReader 1.6.0 for iOS

September 15, 14

Finally, YACReader 7.2.0 and YACReader 1.6.0 for iOS are available*

New features in YACReader 1.6.0 for iOS:

  • Added remote reading from YACReaderLibrary without the need to import them first. Just browse your library from your desktop and read your comics on the fly.
  • New UI design for the remote library browser.
  • New UI design for folders and comics in the grid view. Now you can choose between three visual styles for your folders.
  • Bug fixes.

New features in YACReader 7.2.0:

  • Added support for the new "remote read" feature in iOS devices.
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed broken compatibility with Windows XP
  • Improved Linux "packageability" (thanks to Felix, Alexander and Yoann)**
  • German translation (thanks to Gerhard Joeken)
  • Bug fixes.

Thank you very much to all beta testers.

* App Store propagation to all the world wide servers could take some hours.
** deb package needs a little bit more work to be ready (coming soon).

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