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Why should I donate money to YACReader?

Probably your are asking yourself: Why should I donate money to YACReader? YACReader is developed and maintained for free (and only for a single developer) and it also is an open source project. The best way for supporting all this work is donating money for keeping YACReader alive.

All the hours worked, this domain, server and web site cost money, so please, if you like YACReader, buy me a coffee! ;)

Where did/will my money go?

Developing YACReader not only costs time and effort, it costs money. This web site, that also hosts a forum to give support to the users, cost money to maintain, and it is getting more expensive as the disk usage in the server grows.

The macOS and Windows versions are distributed signed, and those are expenses that I need to cover myself, specially on Windows, where I need to buy and renew a certificate periodically and they aren't cheap.

There are also other costs, like buying devices to test the software or develop new features.

Wall of fame: all YACReader's donors!

Donors will not appear here anymore, to many privacy restrictions, sorry.


Other donors

Thank you to Elia Gregorio Méndez for developing this web site :*



  • alperenelhan : Arch Linux binaries
  • Felix Kauselmann : Arch Linux binaries (7.x)
  • Robbie Holmes (robbiethegeek) : brew cask install


  • Felix Kauselmann : Linux/Unix build system and other improvements.

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