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Frequently asked questions about YACReader

How can I create a Library? 

A library is a collection of comics, generaly you will only need to create one library and organize in it all your collections. Add a library ('+' button) giving a name and a destination path (f.e. C:\MyComics), YACReaderLibrary will import all the comics and folders in this path.

How can I add a folder to a library? 

YACReaderLibrary adds any new folder from your hard disk when you update your library. The only thing you need to do is to create a subfolder in your library's folder and then update your library.

Why the 'comic flow' is laggy or slow? 

If you are experiencing issues with the 'comic flow' you should update your graphic card drivers to the latest version. Then, you can try to move the performance slider to the left and disable VSync in the options dialog. Finally, you can disable the hardware acceleration and try the old cpu based flow.

How can I delete comics or folders in YACReader for iOS? 

You can select comics or folders for deletion doing a left to right swipe on any item in your library. Delete is only supported in the table and grid views.

How can I select multiple comics or folders in YACReader for iOS? 

Please, watch this video. Starting at 0:48s you can see how to double swipe for quick and easy multiple selection.

I am getting «Connection error; Server not found» connecting to YACReaderLibrary 

The most common cause for this issue is running YACReaderLibrary behind a firewall. Please, configure your firewall properly for allowing YACReaderLibrary connections through it.

Since 2.0 update in iOS, I can't import comics using iTunes 

Just copy the comics using iTunes' file sharing, and then in the app, tap the "Import" button in the iTunes section. Take a look at this post

Since 2.0 update in iOS, I am getting an error message importing from YACReaderLibrary 

YACReader iOS 2.0 and above needs YACReaderLibrary 8.0 or later.