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New version: 9.8.0!!

May 16, 21

I am glad to announce a new release, check the new features:

  • Adds support for full manga mode, it means that controls get inverted to match the navigation.
  • Fix UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT shortcuts for moving a zoomed in page around.


  • New fuzzy search engine. Type to search into any field of the database, or target specific content. Check how it works below.
  • New `manga` field added to comics and folders to tag content as manga, any content added to a manga folder will become manga automatically.
  • Support for HTML in comic synopsis, this fixes the synopsis when it comes from Comic Vine with HTML tags.
  • Improve keyboard navigation in Comic Vine dialog. Enter will trigger next or search and Backspace will go back to the previous section.


  • New `manga` field is sent to YACReader for iOS, so comics tagged as manga will be recognized as such when reading remotely or importing comics. A new iOS build is needed though, it will be ready once 9.8.0 is released.


New search engine

The new search engine is much powerful than before. It can search into the following data base fields:

numbers -> "numpages", "number", "count", "arcnumber", "arccount"
text -> "title", "volume", "storyarc", "genere", "writer", "penciller", "inker", "colorist", "letterer", "coverartist", "publisher", "format", "agerating", "synopsis", "characters", "notes"
boolean (true/false) -> "isbis", "color", "read", "manga"
text -> "filename"

text -> "folder"
boolean -> "completed", "finished"

If you start typing, YACReaderLibrary will search all the fields for any match. If you want to specify some fields you can do it writing the field name followed by ":" and the value.

By default words separated by a space are joined by an "and", e.g. this that -> this and that.

Some examples:

blah -> any comic or folder with any field containing blah, even partially, will be shown.

read:true blah -> same as above but only for read comics.

read:true manga:true -> comics that are read and are manga.

not read:true -> same as read:false.

"blah blah" -> looks for the full string in any field.

writer:"john doe" or writer:"jane doe" -> all the comics write by john doe or jane doe.

(read:true manga:true) or (filename:cbz writer:"john doe") -> you can use more complex search expressions using () to group expressions.

I hope you enjoy the new update. Please, if you like YACReader consider to become a patron in Patreon or donate some money using Pay-Pal and help keeping the project alive. Remember that there is an iOS version available in the Apple App Store and it has been updated to support the new features coming from the server.

I want to thank all the contributions to the project, there has been some nice activity on Github and all the new stuff wouldn't be possible without the people that have decided to get involved in the project. THANKS!!

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