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Guided reading has landed!

September 07, 22

New version of the iOS app. It includes a new panel by panel reading mode and lots of improvements that enhance the reading experience:

This is what's new:

  • Read comics are open from the beginning instead of the last page.
  • Continuous horizontal scroll mode.
  • Double tap for zooming, there is a setting to toggle it.
  • Share/save current page.
  • Panel by panel reading, it can be enabled from the crop settings or when zooming into a page, it includes some options to control its behaviour. Only available for iOS14+. I will iterate over this feature in future releases, so please, get in touch if it doesn't work as you expect.
  • Make \"Go to page\" view work with continuous scroll mode.
  • Setting for enabling the use of metadata as comics title.
  • Slider to control the horizontal margins while reading in vertical continuous scroll mode. Adjusting this value will make super tall webtoons look better.
  • Tweaked some animations in the reader.
  • Increased max page resolution in some situations.
  • Layout tweaks for larger screens.
  • Fixed current page tracking in continuous scroll modes.
  • Fixed library layout when super tall comics are found.
  • Fixed small jump when the options are shown while reading (only happened when the page was zoomed in).
  • Fixed reading order in imported reading lists.
  • Fixed some light/dark themes colors.
  • Fixes and stability improvements.

NOTE: if you have experienced problems with webtoons, please make sure to update to YACReaderLibrary 9.9.1 and regenerate your libraries, you could also need to re-import your files.

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