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I'm going to be trying to compile the Desktop app tonight using QT Creator.

Just curious if you've used that at all or if it's all been command line compilation?
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Luis Ángel



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I am using QtCreator + MSVC2013 32bit in Windows. OSX uses a command line script and the build/packaging in Linux is a little bit more convoluted :)

So yes, you can use QtCreator for building YACReader. You are going to have to download 7zip source code, version 7.20 and extract it into compressed_archive/lib7zip (windows). If you are using OSX/Linux you will need p7zip source code extracted into compressed_archive/libp7zip.

Let me know if you have any issues.

EDIT: I remember now, you are a OSX user. Basically, the existing scripts build the final dmg. For development you can use QtCreator. I add a custom task to the build process for copying the needed binaries to the generated .app folders (just pick the binaries from the current release), or you can also configure Qt for not generating the .app and choose a destination output for the binaries.

If you want to start coding you will probably need some guidance, the code has been written over the last 6 years and some times it is a little bit messy :), so just ask for help if you need it.
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For Mac you'll need p7zip version 9.20.1. Newer versions are incompatible. On Linux this isn't recommended anymore, we use a different backend there.

And no Luis, building isn't that convoluted, packaging is. Which isn't the fault of our build system ;)
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