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TOPIC: Possible for YACReader Library to read Shortcuts?

Possible for YACReader Library to read Shortcuts? 1 year 11 months ago #4462



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So let's say I have an [Events] folder, within it e.g [Final Crisis]. With it's complete reading list.

So let's say I'm organizing e.g Infinite Crisis reading order issues within a [Infinite Crisis] fldr, which is inside my [Events] fldr, those of which are both beneath my overall [DC] fldr.

Infinite Crisis as with all events and arcs, have tie-ins from other series. Those of which I may have in there own respective sections and folders. i.e WW #222 from Wonder Woman v2

Now you have two options:

1. Make copies of these issues to put inside your [Event] folders. Changing the issues files names to be in line with the order. There, now you have a nicely organized Event reading order in YACReader Library.
Sure, this wouldn't be so bad once, but if you keep ROs/Folders for many events the weight of those copies would become unreasonable.

2. You could use YACReader's custom Reading lists, but they (currently) require tedious manual construction and manual organization. However no, that's not taxing to do, one time, even for multiple large reading orders, no not at all. It is the fact that these reading order break if issues' folders/directories (paths/names) are ever altered.

Really, the perfect and best option becomes to instead simply use Windows Explorer. There you can make shortcuts of these tie-in issues from other series and put them in your Events' folder. You can even rename the shortcut files to line the up with the reading order, without altering the original file name. Perfect

tl;dr Would YACLibrary be made to be able to identify shortcut files? or could some other system be implemented?

And sure, even if YACReaders Reading List features were eventually perfected and incredible, your reading order would be tied to it. One may desire that their original files/folders to be natively organized. (in Explorer)

I know this as a whole these are difficult issues to tackle, and I just wanted to bring at up. (once again I'm sure)

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Possible for YACReader Library to read Shortcuts? 1 year 9 months ago #4532

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Interesting ideas.

Even if I'd consider this, it wouldn't happen soon. There are lots of feature/fixes that need to be addressed before doing something like this.
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