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TOPIC: Importing to iPad from YACReaderLibrary

Importing to iPad from YACReaderLibrary 6 years 5 months ago #1281



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Is it possible to import from YACReaderLibrary on Mac to YACReader on iPad? In a manner that lets you read the comics offline?

My comics are JPEG files in multiple folders, by chapter. All of the chapter folders are enclosed in another folder with the comic title name. I would like to be able to read the entire comic without needing to manually switch chapters - as in merge all of the chapter folders into a single readable series.

I compressed the multiple chapters into one .zip file. When opened on YACReaderLibrary on Mac it appropriately shows the full comic, at around 1300 pages. When remote accessing my Mac using the YACReader app on my iPad it also shows the full pages. Yet, when I use iTunes file sharing or Dropbox to transfer the same .zip file to the YACReader app it displays incorrectly, showing 90 pages from random parts of the comic.

Any help? I love how YACReader works on the Mac, and when I access my Mac through the iPad, but I want to be able to read my comic when offline.
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Importing to iPad from YACReaderLibrary 6 years 5 months ago #1282

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Welcome to the forum EpitaphREI.

Your approach is a little bit unorthodox. The normal thing is to have a compressed file for each comic. You can read all the comics in a series (same folder) one after another without issues, because most of the comic readers apps are able to load the next comic automatically when you reach the final page of your current reading.

Said that, you should be able to import comics to YACReader for iOS and read them offline, did you try to download your files from YACReaderLibrary? Could you share with me your "1300 pages" file? Please, send me a Dropbox's link by e-mail. I would like to test what is going on by my self.
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