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TOPIC: XATTR metadata CBZtagged by ComicBookLover

XATTR metadata CBZtagged by ComicBookLover 2 years 2 weeks ago #4806



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I was using Comic Book Lover, [ unfortunately died at birth... :-( ]
I have a lot of digital comic books, with all the proper metadata info & keyword on each CBZ files (when I was using ComicBookLover)

ComicBookLover (CBL) was using Extended attribute on each file to write all the metadata & info...
with an XATTR reader the info look like this :
com.bitcartel.comicbooklover.xattr.metadata (430 bytes):

<7b226170 70494422 3a22436f 6d696342 6f6f6b4c 6f766572 2f313532 39222c22 6c617374 4d6f6469 66696564 223a2232 3031342d 30322d32 33203039 3a30343a 3036202b 30303030 222c2243 6f6d6963 426f6f6b 496e666f 2f312e30 223a7b22 72617469 6e67223a 302c2263 72656469 7473223a 5b7b2270 72696d61 7279223a 74727565 2c22726f 6c65223a 22577269 74657222 2c227065 72736f6e 223a2245 64676172 20526963 65204275 72726f75 67687322 7d5d2c22 69737375 65223a22 31222c22 73657269 6573223a 22546865 204d6172 7469616e 222c2274 61677322 3a5b224a 6f686e20 43617274 6572225d 2c227469 746c6522 3a225468 65204d61 72746961 6e202d20 41205072 696e6365 7373206f 66204d61 72732028 54686520 53756e20 31393538 29222c22 7075626c 69736865 72223a22 54686520 53756e22 2c227075 626c6963 6174696f 6e4d6f6e 7468223a 312c226c 616e6775 61676522 3a22456e 676c6973 68222c22 636f756e 74727922 3a22556e 69746564 20537461 74657322 2c227075 626c6963 6174696f 6e596561 72223a31 3935382c 2267656e 7265223a 22536369 2d466922 7d7d>

String content:

{"appID":"ComicBookLover/1529","lastModified":"2014-02-23 09:04:06 +0000","ComicBookInfo/1.0":{"rating":0,"credits":[{"primary":true,"role":"Writer","person":"Edgar Rice Burroughs"}],"issue":"1","series":"The Martian","tags":["John Carter"],"title":"The Martian - A Princess of Mars (The Sun 1958)","publisher":"The Sun","publicationMonth":1,"language":"English","country":"United States","publicationYear":1958,"genre":"Sci-Fi"}}

I am sure you are familiar with the problem
and also that we should be many users with similar case.

So my question :
Is there a way for YACReader to read (or import) the CBL Metadata from the XATTR ?
and convert it to the current system you are using for metadata, title, author, publish date, info, keywords...etc...etc. ?

Perhaps a third party tool can help ?
Is there anyone who can help .?
Thanks in advance...
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XATTR metadata CBZtagged by ComicBookLover 2 years 2 weeks ago #4807




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I think we generally would be more interested in having a parser for Comic Book Lover's XML metadata format. XATTR is a platform-specific feature for Windows and storing data in a hidden per-file-layer isn't exactly YACReader's philosophy.

I can't really see myself writing this, but Luis will probably accept a patch for a feature like this.
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