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I would have felt just plain dirty if I never said thanks. The irony is when you google 'Linux comic readers' you get lists of all sorts of sub par apps. Most of which haven't been updated in years(then again, many of those blog posts aren't all that recent either). I just stumbled across yacreader in a forum post and figured what the hell. Pleasantly blown away. I just love the quality look and feel of it all. It's nice to see a polished apps on the Linux space. Much apreciated.

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Hi SuicidePup!

Welcome to the forum. Thank you so much for your kind words, it's always nice to have positive feedback. YACReader isn't as well know in the Linux world as it could be. I've been working on improving that situation by making the build process easier and providing packages for Debian and Archlinux, but there's always room for improvement (and we really could use proper "downstream" packaging). If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to use the forum here. Otherwise - happy reading :)

My answers are not necessarily official YACReader statements but mostly represent my own opinion in technical matters.
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