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10 years of YACReader, thanks for being there!

May 11, 19

Ten years ago I released the first version of YACReader. Since then the project has been growing thanks to all the feedback I have received from the users. I am proud of knowing that some of you have been using YACReader since the first version.

I want to thank you all for being there all these years supporting the project in so many ways. Thanks! And l want to thank to those who have been involved in the project development, I can't thank you enough for every single contribution, specially Felix who has become an indispensable part of the project.

Thanks a lot!

YACReaer 9.5.0 + YACReader 3.0 for iOS

June 30, 18

Great news! A new desktops + iOS release with a good bunch of new features is here.


  • New server 2.0 (it needs YACReader for iOS 3.0 to take advance of the new features)
  • New current/next comic view in the grid view, available for folders and reading lists.
  • Comic in `Reading` are now sorted by last time opened.


New remote browser:

  • Completely new remote browser. Now the remote browser is full iOS native.
  • The importing list is available now in the remote browser.
  • New index navigation UI available through a button in the top navigation bar.
  • The remote browser supports now favorites, tags, and reading lists.
  • Option for importing only unread comics in a folder.
  • Option for importing items starting in a particular index.
  • Continue reading feature in remote browser, available in the home library view.
  • Current/Next comic view available in folders and reading lists.
  • Improved Sync back feature. Now comics imported through any method can be synchronized back to YACReaderLibrary. YACReaderLibrary will try to find the comics in any of the libraries available.

Local library:

  • Improved local library UI.
  • Continue reading feature is now available in the root folder (only table and grid modes).
  • Current/Next comic view available in table and grid mode.


9.5.0 UI update

New next/current comic view in YACReader 9.5

New next/current comic view in YACReader 9.5

New Remote browser Library

New remote browser - YACReader 3.0 for iOS

New remote browser - YACReader 3.0 for iOS

Folder UI in remote browser

Folder UI in remote browser

Improved import options

Improved import options

Importing comics UI is now available in all the views of the remote browser

Importing comics UI is now available in all the views of the remote browser

Local Library

Continue reading feature

Continue reading feature

Current comic view in local folders

Current comic view in local folders

As always, if you find any bugs or if you need help, please contact me or use the users' forum. Enjoy the new versions!

YACReader's repo is moving to GitHub

April 28, 18

You can find the source code of YACReader in GitHub now:

I am going to update the links in the web page in a few days and hide the old repo after that.

Hopefully this will increase the number of developers contributing to the project!

YACReader for iOS updated...twice :)

March 12, 18

Hi there,

YACReader for iOS has received two updates in the last 48 hours: 2.5.4 provides iPhone X support and 2.5.5 fixes a bug handling webp comics in iOS 11.2 or later.


YACReader 9.0 is finally out!

February 18, 18

It has been a long wait since the last update but the long wait ends today, yay!

Let's start with the new features in YACReaderLibrary:


New comics view in addition to flow and grid views: comic information view

You can switch to the new view by clicking in the view mode button (top toolbar on the right)

new comic information view

New view for showing detailed tags about a comic

New side view for showing current comic info in the grid view

This view can be switched on/off by clicking the button in the bottom toolbar, next to the cover size slider

new comic information view in the

New view for showing detailed tags about a comic side by side with the grid view

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved the look and feel of the grid view.
  • Fixed Comic Vine integration (using the new https end point).
  • Usability fixes to Comic View scraper.
  • Fixed UI update when clients update comics status.
  • Fixed YACReader not found in macos.
  • New server setting for disabling covers on folders in the client's remote browser (iOS), this is a workaround to fix a performance issue in large libraries.
improve server performance by showing less information for folders


new quick navigation mode
  • Added an option to disable showing the go to flow on mouse over.
  • New "Quick Navigation Mode" for the go to flow feature, full-wide + a scroll bar, it can be enabled in the settings dialog. (thanks to Yuu Mousou).
  • Zig-zag autoscroll reading mode, please see the reading section in the shortcuts dialog for enabling this, by default there are no keys assigned to the scrolling actions (thanks to Daisuke Cato).
  • Menu bar added for YACReader in macos (thanks to Daisuke Cato).
  • "Go to flow" is now manga aware (thanks to Daisuke Cato).
  • Added "Open recent" menu entry.
  • Fixed issues experienced when opening new comics too fast.

YACReaderLibraryServer (headless version of YACReaderLibrary)

  • Added a systemd service file to run yacreaderlibraryserver on Linux based systems.


  • Updated Qt to 5.9.1.
  • Faster (way faster) pdf backend based on pdfium.
  • unarr is used now for handling compressed files (there are some temporal side effects: f.e. 7z is not supported). YACReader can still be compiled using 7zip as decompresion library. You can find prebuild binaries of YACReader-7zip in the downloads section.
  • Fixed fullscreen context menus (windows).
  • Minor fixes.
  • New app icons for Windows.
  • Initial support for Haiku OS.