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YACReader 6.2.0 is out!

May 26, 13

YACReader 6.2.0 is out! Check the changelog and get it!

  • New 'welcome' window (only shown if there are no libraries)
  • New import/update window
  • New search input (more compact)
  • New read comic bookmark ribbon (only for OpenGL)
  • Some tool buttons have been moved or removed
  • New way for deleting metainformation from disk (database and covers)
  • Avanced options for YACReader Flow are hidden by default, they are still available pressing a button (more compact settings dialogs).
  • Added some missing shortcuts to YACReaderLibrary
  • Bug fixed: home/end shortcuts crash
  • Bug fixed: covers not loading on first opening in YACReaderLibrary
YACReader 6.2.0 screen shot

New importing window in YACReader 6.2.0

Did you know...? Image improvements

May 08, 13

Did you know that YACReader can improve the image quality of your comics? It is easy, open the YACReader options dialog and click on 'Image adjustment', modify the brightness, contrast and gamma and you will get this result:

YACReader and YACReaderLibrary

YACReader image quality improvements.

Let's try it!

YACReader is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

April 28, 13

YACReader for iOS is now available. Discover its features in and get it!

YACReader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch presentation video.

YACReader 6.0.0 is available

April 28, 13

The new version of YACReader has been released. Changelog:

  • Faster start up.
  • Fixed high CPU use when hardware acceleration is enabled.
  • New icons for all file formats supported in YACReaderLibrary.
  • New fit to width slider in the YACReader toolbar
  • Improved information label.
  • Improved user interface for 'Go to Flow'
  • Image filters added for brightness, contrast and gamma.
  • Notifications on first and last page.
  • Integration with YACReader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. More.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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Bug fixes

January 20, 13

I have found some bugs in YACReader 5.5.0, please download the version 5.5.1

List of bugs fixed:

  • Memory leak in YACReader and YACReaderLibrary.
  • Crash using “Go to flow” in some circumstances.
  • Bookmarks not working on folders and PDF files.
  • Open next/previous comic not working with PDF files.
  • Problems managing PDF files in some MacOSX versions.