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YACReader 5.5, now with PDF support, OpenGL and more

January 20, 13

Today YACReader 5.5 has been released. The new features are:

  • Support for PDF files.
  • A new “Comic Flow” smoother and fully customizable.
  • Better scroll and auto-scroll when reading comics.
  • Windows version has now a “stand alone”/portable version.
  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
YACReader 5.5 screen shot

YACReader 5.5.

Please, let me know if you have any suggestion, question or if you find any bug

Enjoy the new version!

New comic flow is coming soon

October 08, 12

I have spent a few days implementing a new “comic flow”. It uses hardware acceleration (OpenGL), it has smoother transitions and it is fully customizable. Take a look on this video:

New version available! YACReader 5.0

August 27, 12

A new version of YACReader has been published. This is the fifth major release of YACReader and the version number has change to 5.0. YACReader has improved its stability and performance, but the biggest improvement its the library management.

With YACReader 5.0 you can manage your comics information, such as comic title, reading order, volumen, authors, publishing information and much more. All this information can be easily shared between users with the export/import information feature. And your comics files will not be modified at all!

And of course, YACReader 5.0 remains as easy to use as ever.

Enjoy the new version!

YACReader and YACReaderLibrary

YACReader and YACReaderLibrary.

The new web site is online!

August 27, 12

After more than three years since the first release of YACReader, today a new website for the project is online. This has been possible thanks to the donations received from you all. Thank you!

In this website, you will find news about the development of YACReader, the released versions, help and contact information, and much more.

I hope you will enjoy the new website.